About the BBI – Over 150 years of caring

The Builders Benevolent Institution was founded in 1847, and ever since that time has been providing financial help and support for recognised Master Builders and their dependants who, through ill health or misfortune, find themselves in need.

Applications for assistance are welcomed and should be addressed to the Secretary. They are carefully
considered by the Trustees and processed as quickly as possible.

How we help

Beneficiaries receiving help are visited regularly by a BBI Welfare Advisor to make certain that their needs are being met, and to offer support which includes helping with applications for any relevant state or other benefits.

Beneficiaries normally receive a monthly grant according to their circumstances. We also make occasional one-off grants towards the cost of necessary items like stair lifts, home alterations and urgent household repairs.

The BBI is a registered and effectively managed charity where every penny received is carefully and properly spent – our administrative costs are kept to an absolute minimum so that beneficiaries can be given as much help as possible.   

Just a few of the many people that benefit 


This is Stanley, he has been a beneficiary since 1998 and the BBI has been able to help him in association with other organisations with essential repairs to his home.

Stanley who was a Master Builder for 27 years is also an accomplished musician who does his bit by entertaining folk less able than himself at local community clubs. He also is no slouch on the dance floor (contender for Strictly).

Stanley says that “I am forever grateful for the help and support given over the years by the BBI”.


This is Olive who is over 101 years old and has been a beneficiary of the BBI since her Master Builder husband passed away in 1993.

She is ever grateful for the assistance given her by the BBI as our support makes life a little easier.


This is Doris a beneficiary for over 20 years. She is a resilient and fiercely independent lady who will not ask for help and will try and resolve things by her own efforts.

Needless to say that the BBI was on hand to help her when needed for which, she is most grateful and is full of praise for the the help given.

Our Members

James Harrison

Ken Head
Vice President

David James

Adrian Barber

Margaret Crowe

Simon Duxbury

John Vass
Welfare Advisor

Brian Phoenix

John Snelling