The BBI support people who are or have been in the building trade and have fallen on hard times and require assistance, either for a short term grant or a longer term monthly payment. Consideration is given to people whose businesses have employed others.

Membership of organisations does not qualify or disqualify applications as each is read and acted on individually.

We recently conducted a survey of those who benefit from our support, theresultas of which can be seen below.

Our question was ‘Do you or your spouse belong, or have belonged to any employer organisations?’

Of the 70+% of our beneficiaries that responded and named an organisation they belonged to, the results were as follows;
FMB – 55%
NFB – 15%
NHBC – 3.5%
NFBTE – 2%
NFSB – 2%
CORC – 3.5%
BEC – 3.5%
NHBRE – 2%
Those that have never belonged or didn’t know if they had belonged, accounted for the remainder.